Gaia custom jerseys and shorts
GAIA custom jerseys and shorts




Custom Team Apparel & Uniforms

Our custom program has endless possibilities and we are 100% committed to working with you through the entire process. At GAIA we want to make sure that you get the clothing you need to help your team achieve your goals. Whether you are looking for team shirts or jerseys, shorts, warm-ups, full uniforms, event or store merchandise with your logo or design on it - we can help! Our experienced designers can bring your sketches and concepts to life, or work with your completed artwork. 

How does it work?

Please fill in our inquiry form. Once we receive your inquiry we will get back to you within 24 business hours with a quote and next steps.  


Do you already know what you want? If so, the inquiry form has a place where you can upload your team order form and artfile templates. Artfile download.

Pricing & Styles

Please visit our pricing & styles page for styles,volume discounts, bundle deals & shipping costs.


How long does it take?

Once we confirm your final order details (artwork, styles, order quantities and shipping details) and upon receipt of full payment we will send your order into production immediately. Please be aware that after we submit your order to production you cannot alter your order in any way, or cancel your order. Consequently, please consider ordering extra apparel pieces to ensure that you can adequately meet the needs of your group. Additional new orders are subject to the 12 piece minimum. 


Your custom order will ship within 4 weeks of confirming your final order details and upon receipt of full payment, plus 4-6 business days in transit*. If you have a firm deadline we highly recommend to start the ordering/design process at least two months prior to your deadline.​ 


Need it faster? RUSH production is available:


Note: Rush production needs to be approved with your sales person at time of order due to limited availability.



  • add $3.00 USD/CDN per item.

  • RUSH ships in < 3 weeks of confirming your final order details and upon receipt of full payment,​ plus 4-6 business days in transit*.



  • add $6.00 USD/CDN per item.

  • SUPER RUSH ships in < 2 weeks of confirming your final order details and upon receipt of full payment, plus 4-6 business days in transit*.


*Please note that we cannot guarantee shipping times, however our estimate of 4-6 business days for orders is accurate 95%+ of the time.


Artwork & Design

All artwork must be provided in a vector based artfile (ideally in .ai format). If you need help with your artwork, or design please don't hesitate to let us know. We offer free design assistance. Details >>>


Print & Design Instructions

At GAIA we use sublimation is a printing process during which the ink is impregnated into the fabric in gas form. A sublimated print cannot be felt on the surface of the garment nor does it impede the technical performance of the fabric. This custom printing process is ideal for  team uniforms, jerseys, shorts or any technical garments that require custom printing and designs with more complicated elements and multiple colors.


All artwork needs to be submitted as a vector based artfile on our sublimation templates.

Artwork Instructions:

  • Use our Adobe Illustrator templates to place your artwork

  • All artwork must be vector based, bitmaps must be converted

  • All fonts must be converted to outlines/curves

  • All artwork must be created in the original size (templates are on a 1:1 basis of the ready-made shirt)

  • Colours will be printed exactly as provided in the artfile, in CMYK

  • Send artwork as Adobe Illustrator CS2 (or lower). Please do not use Photoshop.


Template Instructions:

  • Place artwork in respective sublayer of Template layer named "ARTWORK"

  • Place names and numbers (group each players name/number combination) in a sublayer named "NAMES+NUMBERS" of layer named "ARTWORK".  Each players name and number should be on the same layer so when you hide the other player layers, only one name and the corresponding number is visible.

  • Ensure background design/colour extends to fill entire box around panel pieces

  • You may recolour the GAIA logos, but they must not be removed or relocated 

  • Optional: create clipping masks

  • Optional: for precision designs with wrapping design elements, you may submit a different artfile for each size garment that is being ordered.  Each shirt size corresponds to a line in the men's (S-XXL) and women's (XS-XL) templates provided.  If this method is chosen, ensure that you select the same size pattern panel for all pieces (front, back, sleeves, collar) is saved in the artfile.  Ensure that art is shown accurately on each size/graphic file and that there is 0.75cm/0.25" of overlap on the wrapping design to allow for the seam.

Template Download:

The Templates below are in hi-res full size .pdf format.  They must be edited and submitted in Adobe Illustrator. If you have questions or need help please contact us


Short Sleeve Jerseys/Shirts:

No Sleeve Shirts:

Beach Style Tank Tops:

Racer Back Shirts:

Long Sleeve Jerseys/Shirts:



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Need a Design? We can help, for FREE!

Most people these days want to get sublimation for their team uniforms, but they don't know where to start.


Here are 3 steps to get you on your way to a great design:


a) Find a cool hi-res background

  • use keyword search on google or photo sites such as to find a good hi resolution background (a .jpg) and or a logo vector based (.AI).  Send us the URL so we can inspect first and ensure you get the correct, it needs to be hi res!  Try adding keywords such as "grunge", "background" and "your color choice" to enhance your keyword search. 


b) Create a logo 

  • same process as in a) but add the keyword "illustration" to ensure that your search results will be in vector (not bitmap) format so that we can scale and/or re-color if necessary.  


c) Choose a font

  • for your names, numbers & team name - go to and send us the URL of the font you like so we can download it. 

We can help you put the different elements into one design and onto our template. Designing your jerseys and uniforms is a fun process and we are here to help.


Our GAIA FLOtech performance fabrics are extremely durable and provide you with all the features a premium technical fabric needs to have such as breathability, quick drying and the perfect weight for different garments and applications.


Visit our fabrics page here to see all fabric options.



Visit our fit guide here to learn more about the fit of our GAIA products.


If you are still unsure which size to order we can send you sizing samples for short sleeve jerseys and shorts. Each sample is $9.95, plus $9.95 shipping for up to two samples. Each additional sample over two is $2.00 for shipping. All samples are fully refundable if returned and in new condition. Shipping is non- refundable.

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