With over 18 years experience, we know how hard players can be on their team uniforms. Consequently it is critical that they look good for as long as possible. Compare our stitching or fabric durability to other custom brands and you will see the difference. Most of our fabrics can be sublimated or screen printed. Embroidery and felt applique are also an option for some of our thicker fabrics. 


Our GAIA FLOtech performance fabrics are extremely durable and provide you with all the features of a premium technical fabric needs to have such as breathability, quick drying and the perfect weight for different garments and applications.


FLOtech performance fabrics:

  1. FLYweight (125g/m2; 100% FLOtech Polyester)

  2. SILKtouch (145g/m2, 100% FLOtech Polyester)

  3. PROstretch (180g/m2, 92% FLOtech Polyester, 8% Spandex)

  4. FLOstretch (280g/m2, 100% FLOtech Polyester)


FLOtech Performance Fabrics


125g/m, 100% FLOtech Polyester

One of the lightest, best wicking, most breathable, almost indestructible and therefore the most highly coveted team fabrics in any sport. We didn't offer it for a couple of years and athlethes went nuts... so we brought it back. FLYweight fabric does not pull or pill or lose its color. If you are looking for an ultra thin and breathable fabric for hot summer activities, this is your fabric. Best of all, the all new FLYweight is even softer than the original, while maintaining all of the other performance benefits. The subtle waffle texture gives this fabric a more technical look.


Recommended for:


SILKtouch (145g/m2, 100% FLOtech Polyester)

Light and breathable, combining performance with a nice silky smooth finish. This fabric is best for temperatures below 25C/80F. For hot summer heat, try our FLYweight fabric.


This very durable fabric does not pull, pill or lose its color. We recommend this fabric for sublimation due to its smooth texture to optimize the clarity of your sublimated art, graphics and numbers. 


Available for silk screen in the below colours, or sublimation orders in any colour. For only $32.00 you can get a full body sublimation jerseys, or shorts including all setups and graphics. 


Recommended for:


PROStretch (180g/m2, 92% FLOtech Polyester/8% Spandex)

PROstretch is a thin performance fabric that is ideally suited for shorts and form-fit* long sleeve shirts. The incorporation of 8% Spandex (or Lycra) provides multi-directional stretch that increases range of motion and provides a free feeling that cannot be matched by fabrics without Spandex. It has a similar feel and thickness to our SILKtouch fabric with a little extra weight resulting from the addition of integrated the Spandex yarns.

As with all GAIA Fabrics, PROstretch has been engineered to be durable and it will not pull, pill or lose its colour. It has a double brushed finish that makes for an extremely soft touch and is finished with subtle shine. Available for sublimation orders and light screen prints. 


*Order one size smaller than your typical size for form-fit


Recommed for:


FLOStretch, HEAVYweight (280g/m2, 100% FLOtech Technical Polyester)

A heavyweight fabric with multi-directional performance, a soft hand, subtle shine and excellent durability.  It is recommended for our 1/4 or full zip warm up tops or warmup pants. FLOStretch fabric does not pull or pill or lose its color. Warm up pieces make the perfect second layer piece for training, team uniforms or as an official merchandise item at your next event.

Recommended for:

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