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Need a custom jersey Design?
We can help, for FREE!

Most people these days want to get sublimation for their team uniforms, but they don't know where to start.


Here are 3 steps to get you on your way to a great design:


a) Find a cool hi-res background

  • use keyword search on google or photo sites such as, to find a good hi resolution background (a .jpg) and or a logo vector based (.AI).  Send us the URL so we can inspect first and ensure you get the correct, it needs to be hi res!  Try adding keywords such as "grunge", "background" and "your color choice" to enhance your keyword search. 


b) Create a logo 

  • same process as in a) but add the keyword "illustration" to ensure that your search results will be in vector (not bitmap) format so that we can scale and/or recolor if necessary.  


c) Choose a font

  • for your names, numbers & team name - go to and send us the URL of the font you like so we can download it. 


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