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These are some testimonials that our customers have shared with us. We always love to hear from our customers. The feedback we receive from you is what keeps us going. It helps us to continuouesly improve our products and our customer service.

Masters of Disc Skies at Kamloops Big Thirst

Our team (and everyone else) loved our jerseys! Thanks again for everything!

Masters of Disc Skies at Kamloops Big Thirst

U Idaho GEMS



First of all, I would like to thank you one more time for your amazing help with these jerseys. 

THEY ARE AMAZING! I mean, look at how dope our tiny little team looks! 


University of Wisconsin Eau Claire , Team Name: SOL

We just had a tournament this past weekend and I realized I never sent you a picture with our jerseys! So here it is! 

Thanks again for being so helpful during the process, everyone loves the jerseys and we have received a lot of compliments!

Thunder Alley

June 2016

We got the jerseys right on time, and they are awesome! All the kids thought they were great, and I think the material choices you suggested worked really well. Thanks again for all your help. Hopefully I will be looking for a reorder in the fall for our new players!




Arrived in time and were quite a hit at the tourney. Everything is complete on this order!




Centretown Corruption

August 2016

Shirts arrived the other day and they look awesome! Thanks again for doing the design everyone loves it. I will send you a team pic in case you want to use it.



Drake University Ultimate

March 2015

"Hey Brett, I wanted to let you know that the jerseys are sick! Thanks so much for all of the help." 




Oberlin Ultimate

Oberlin, Ohio


"The jerseys are beautiful!!! Thank you so much Brett and our friends at GAIA!!!!!"




Maryland Ultimate


"The jerseys arrived today and look great, feel great, and fit great. Actually this is the best fitting jersey I have!"








Utica Frisbee Club (UFC)

"Personally I love the material, probably the smoothest/softest we've ever gotten. The process was easy, price was great, your feedback was very helpful, if/when we do this again, we'll be coming to GAIA." Nick - Utica Frisbee Club (UFC)


Rochester, NY

"We got the jerseys on Friday in time for our tournament! Everyone loved them. They looked great and we received several compliments from the other teams. You guys were phenomenal to work with and I would recommend anyone who needs new jerseys to go through you guys."

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Evolution (June 2015)

Hey GAIA. We've worn the shirts for two games now and everyone is very pleased with how they look and feel.

Thanks for everything, I appreciate all of your help. I will spread the word that Gaia is kicking ass!




Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies

I received the package yesterday. The jerseys look great and I love the light material!

Thanks,TzeJune 2015

Fire in The Hole (May 2015)



I did receive the package yesterday! 


And the shirts look awesome! 


Thanks for everything! 

Monique Morel - Empire Life Investments (March 2015)

I just opened the box. It's like Xmas!

Thanks so much they look amazing.

Dominic Wysoski (March 2015)

Hey Brett,


I got the jerseys today and got the chance to look through them. They look perfect! All the sizes match up, and they look amazing!


So I just wanted to say thank you again for everything, and very well done on the jerseys!!



Neill Ouska - Step Forward Sports Academy (March 2015)

The jerseys arrived and they look AMAZING!!!!!!!  This is an A+ job.

John Bjorge - Seattle ISO (February 2015)

I was so stoked about the jerseys that we got that I forgot to email you :). Just wanted to say they look absolutely amazing! Thanks for the wonderful experience from start to finish. If there's a place to put in a review for GAIAcustom let me know, and I'll be sure to give a stellar review.


-John Bjorge

Isabelle Thibeault - Buzz (February 2015)

Just received it!!! It looks great!! THANKS! :) 


Have a nice day and I’ll definitely recommend you guys to other teams! :) 



"We got the custom jerseys and they are awesome!  Thanks for all the help and the speedy turn around on them. The team is stoked.  And the logo size turned out to be perfect too so thanks for the tips there. We'll send pics once we get some.


Thank you very much. Your customer service is amazing. I really appreciate you taking such good care of our team.


"Just wanted to let you know that I got the jerseys...and they're awesome!!!  We wore them last night for our first game and kicked butt. I didn't tell anyone they arrived and when I got to the gym and dropped the box on the bench they were like little school girls giggling and pushing to get theirs first lol.  Every once in a while I'd forget I was playing because I'd get caught staring at the girls saying "wow they look great".  So thank you so much for your time and effort in getting these done up for us and for making an exception in giving us a reverse coloured jersey.  I will definitely be using you for all future jersey needs and will pass along your details when people come asking where we got them...and I know they will :o).


We had our captain's meeting a couple of weeks ago, and a few people mentioned how happy they were when dealing with you. One guy has mentioned it 3 or 4 times now as he's had a few email exchanges with you now.  Thanks again for making this so easy for our people. We all appreciate it!


I'm happy the jerseys came in in time, and I appreciate you working with our timeline! I also appreciate that each shirt was individually packaged, and the colours and sublimation quality look absolutely great. The colour reproduction and scaling were very well done.

Stall Wars

"Thanks again for your help! I just wanted to say that the jerseys look phenomenal and we've been getting a lot of great responses. You'll probably hear from me again to order another batch!"


We got the uniforms today and they look spectacular! Thank you so much for making sure the order got in on time-- we really appreciate it! And thanks again for the sublimation! I'm a little jealous of the new girls since I had my shirt  from last year so I didn't get a sublimated one haha. But the whole team is really excited- so thank you and everyone at GAIA custom!


Hey, just wanted to let you know the jerseys look really sweet!  Thanks for your help!


I just wanted to give you a follow up about our order thru you guys earlier this year.  The team LOVES the new jerseys, and we constantly get asked about them.  You guys provided a great product and in comparison to the competition a great price as well.  I've been spreading the good word about you guys and bragging about how easy you have been to deal with. 


So this is my first year on my new team AND my first time owning an awesome Gaia jersey.  I love my new team and I am now a die-hard fan of Gaia jerseys.  They are by far the lightest, most comfortable jerseys I have ever worn.  They dry quickly and are also very durable and do not pill under a life jacket. I have been telling everyone how awesome Gaia products are.

More testimonials

"The shirts came in and they are AWESOME!!! :D Because they are so awesome, we will more than likely require new team members to purchase their shirts through GAIA." - Mark


"We look so Good in our Jerseys. Great job! the team loved them." - Carolina


"Just FYI. I just got the shirts. Damn. That was fast!  Thanks again, They look great.  More business to follow, I'm sure :)" - Kim


"Jerseys came in this week and they look AWESOME! Thanks so much! It was a pleasure doing business with you!" - Cara


"The shirts came in yesterday afternoon, and they look great! Thanks again for all your help!" - Andrew


"I purchased GAIA gear for our team (ten years ago and it still rocks, FYI) and love your product."- Ashley"


Thanks again for all your help on our last order, the shirts came out amazing and multiple art files is definitely the way to go!" - Brandon


"All of nats, every juniors team, stopped to compliment the shirts and ask where we got them. People were really impressed and were offering big money to take them off our hands. Well done!!" - Martha


"I received the jerseys this week and they look great!! My teammates loved them."- Marie


"I received the shirts today and they look great! Thanks again for making this possible." - George

"I've ordered 12 shirts last year for our spring/summer season and i absolutely loved them." - Joel

"Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that the jerseys were absolutely AMAZING! The team loved them. -Tanys 


"GAIA helped us in every part of the order, they gave us many useful suggestions even about design. Different from other enterprises, GAIA was really helpful and very quickly to reply! That's really important..we felt really important for GAIA, they treated us very well." - Giovanni, Italy


"Shirts have arrived and look great! Thank you for making this all happen so efficiently." 

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